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We exist to organize the confusing world of climbing information specifically for beginning and intermediate climbers who enjoy recreational climbing. While some live to improve their climbing, we climb to improve our living.

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At first, climbing can seem overwhelming, impossible, or even too scary. But we believe that climbing is for everyone.

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Brian List

Climber, Author

Skill Much of the climbing resources available today are aimed at helping expert and elite climbers get a little better. Most of that information leaves climbers like us overwhelmed and at risk of injury from extreme training or confusion about how to use gear.

Results We are inspired to climb for better living. We believe that climbing is for everyone. We strive toward the sustainability of our healthy bodies, our vibrant communities, and our precious climbing routes.

Brian's Story.

I failed at climbing.

I used to be the fastest runner in town and an up-and-coming cyclist. Endurance sports came easily to me. But when I engaged in climbing, I found myself still in the newbie category -- even after almost 4 years!

I was a single dad, taking night classes while working 45 to 50 hours a week, and climbing for health and adventure. After 3 years of climbing I was stuck at 5.10, and the harder levels of climbing still seemed almost impossible to achieve.

Once my MBA classes came to a close I finally had a little time to learn about climbing. I knew that in order to get better I would have to get on a focused plan for climbing. I started researching climbing exercises and was shocked to find out that many of the training plans considered 5.12 to be a beginner. I had been climbing and training for three years and I was still 2 grades below a beginner?!

The only advice for “recreational climbers” like me (as if there were another kind of climber) was to climb more. Well, I had two problems with this advice:

I needed to train smarter.

1. I didn’t have time to climb more. My life was already packed. I couldn’t just climb more. I needed to train smarter.

2. In my past training as an elite runner and cyclist, I saw many athletes train for 10-20 hours a week and yet their performance didn’t improve. The solution for them wasn’t to train more but to train smarter, as well.

So, when the experts said all I needed to do was “climb more,” I knew I would need to create my own plan.

The more I researched, I found that a lot of what is known about climbing improvement comes from people who have made climbing their life. Many of them began training programs as their performance plateaued. It seems that many of these individuals were already putting in 15-30 hours a week at the gym or at the crag. Also, the goal of these training plans was to help the best climbers climb even stronger. If you want to move from 5.13 to 5.14, there are plans and equipment to help you get there.

I couldn’t just climb more. There simply wasn’t time. I needed to train smarter.

I had 5 hours a week spread across lunch hours, time before the kids got up in the morning, and a couple of spare hours on the weekend. I didn’t have visions of grandeur of climbing the largest and hardest rocks in the world, but rather wanted to stay healthy, enjoy climbing, and use these skills to have some adventures with my friends and family. One of my greatest skills is being able to focus on a topic and apply my own self-discipline into executing a plan. But climbing presented an unusual challenge: while I would do what it takes to get better, I couldn’t easily find what to do. So, I decided I was going to research everything I could find on climbing and embark on a journey to climbing 5.12.

Join me on this journey!

I knew I wasn’t the only one out there who was frustrated with trying to get better at climbing with just a few hours a week available, so in addition to improving my own climbing, I began to document what I learned so others could join me in safely enjoying the pleasures of climbing for adventure, health, and family.

Now here I am, making that dream a reality for me and for lot of other recreational climbers as well. I invite you to join me on this journey with Begin Climbing.
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