Bouldering is ideal for strength sessions.

Louisville, Kentucky is a hotbed of climbing activity.  Home to three gyms, a couple of mobile climbing wall services, and an active community of climbers.

I recently visited Climb NuLu, a bouldering gym, after a friend raved about the “sweet boulder setting” there.  Setting refers to how the gym has arranged or “set up” the holds on the wall. Climb NuLu is located in the trendy East Market District of downtown Louisville known as NuLu (New Louisville).

Bouldering is a type of climbing where climbers climb over a very thick pad.  This is a convenient way to train because you don’t need to bring any gear other than your shoes, and you aren’t always dependent upon having a belayer to get your workout completed.  Bouldering tends to be performed on overhanging walls, and requires very strong movements. For this reason it is ideal for the strength and power sessions in your climbing training.

I had a great climbing session where I was able to try out a huge number of climbing moves on the creative and fun bouldering routes. Check our our training articles for gallery examples of the crimps, overhangs, heel hooks, gaston, and mantle moves I worked on!