Writers Wanted


Do you love climbing? 

Do you love researching a topic on climbing?

Do you want to get paid to write about what you love?

Write for Us.

Begin Climbing is looking for authors to create digital content on everything about climbing.

Whether you are a gym rat, college student, retired professional, or a dirtbagging climber, Begin Climbing is looking for content producers.

We want to pay you to write about the sport you love by creating professional and thorough articles, product opinions, and movie reviews.

At the moment, here are some topics of interest:

Best Gear

  • Harnesses
  • Carabiners
  • Chalk
  • Quick draws
  • Climbing Shoes


  • Foot skills
  • Hold types
  • Positions
  • Climbing moves (mantle, gaston, layback, flagging, etc.)

Gear Skills

  • How to belay
  • How to multi-pitch belay
  • Gear required for multi-pitch
  • How to avoid cross-loading a carabiner


  • Climbing Movies
  • Climbing Books
  • Climbing Apps
  • Climbing Gear

Why you should work with us:

Rock climbing is an intimidating sport for new climbers. The gear, the strength, the heights…It can be overwhelming to beginners. The mission of Begin Climbing is to help guide and coach novices into years of happy and healthy climbing. Join us as an ambassador for the sport we love! Each of us has a part to play in keeping this sport safe and protecting the respectful and supportive culture. We look forward to working with you.